Jota2 is a group of companies focused in tech, innovation and business growth.

Jota2 co-founds and invests in early stage companies across different industries heavily rooted in technological innovation and transformational ideas. We are not only investors but operators too. We support founders along the way getting involved in key decisions affecting their companies’ growth.

Our Vision

We have been pioneers, building companies for the last 25 years spanning from global payments to food-tech and robotics. At our core we are operators too.

We put people first not numbers. Everybody that joins our company joins our family. And our family’s foundation is based on trust.

We do not accept the standard approach to investment. We like to get our hands dirty like our founders. We become part of their teams for marketing & sales, strategy and tech.

We incorporate responsibility and sustainability considerations into our decisions. We are guided by a responsibility towards people: co-workers, business partners or founders.

“Jota2 has given us access to resources and a network which would have been very difficult to obtain on our own. They have also been actively participating in major decisions for our company supporting us in every step of the way.”

Ernesto Acosta

Mercury Founder


We invest in Seed, Series A and Growth Stage up to 2,5 Million Euros in capital. We follow-on approximately 15% of the deals.


Under management


Invested companies
and growing




Countries (and growing)

Global Presence

We have global presence in +22 markets and operate 4 offices
Madrid · London · Dubai · Lisbon

“Jota2 is the perfect partner for any business. The people who are part of this company do so for the same goal: to discover and push new markets to drive growth. In my case, as CEO of Shukran Foods, we have managed to revolutionize the food industry with innovative, healthy products available to all consumers.”

Patricia Gallego

Shukran CEO


We have a very diverse and industry agnostic portfolio.
The companies we have invested have in common: a transformative technology and a courageous and knowledgeable team. They may sit locally but their products are global.